About Us

Mindsets in Legal Education (MILE) opens the pipeline into the legal profession.


It creates scalable programs that help new and aspiring lawyers perform to their full potential at every stage of their training and early professional development: the LSAT, law school, the bar exam, and lawyers’ early careers.

MILE has had great success with its efforts so far.  Its Bar Exam Strategies and Stories program has demonstrated its capacity to raise bar passage rates in California by 6.8-9.6%. It raises scores for all test takers while simultaneously narrowing achievement gaps. Through associated surveys of thousands of bar exam applicants, MILE is gathering unprecedented data on barriers to bar exam success and what can be done to overcome them.

Support MILE

Now MILE needs your help! MILE is currently recruiting new jurisdictions for its bar exam program and law schools interested in participating in a new program. MILE also seeks additional funders to

  • Release Bar Exams Strategies and Stories nationwide
  • Expand MILE’s surveys on predictors of success for aspiring and new attorneys
  • Develop and launch MILE programs for the LSAT, law school, and early career
  • Analyze and improve all MILE initiatives

The need is great.  Too much legal need goes unmet.  The legal profession lacks the diversity of its potential client base.  Too many people leak out of the legal profession pipeline. Too many of those who do are members of underrepresented groups.

MILE’s research team is ideally suited to the challenge.  It includes law faculty and social psychologists from Indiana University, Stanford University, and the University of Southern California who have already designed successful program that reduce achievement gaps and boost retention among college undergraduates. They are now focused on further improving the legal profession pipeline.